Creative Coaching

Go from Stuck to Spectacular

Through vxcoach.com, Virginia Lewis works with people, many are creative artists, professionals, entrepreneurs or educators,   whom have encountered a block in their path to creativity, joy, success or fulfillment and are ready to take that next step.  Virginia Lewis offers the creative coaching expertise you need when you are ready to face that block and move beyond it.

Retirement isn't just about finances whether you are planning for retirement or are retired; we offer pre-retirement and retirement lifestyle planning to make your retirement years, the best ones of your life

Whether you are just starting out in a career or as an executive, changing jobs or professions; we offer career counseling and strategies that work for you to succeed.

Stuck in a creative slump, no matter what medium you use to create; we work with you to find solutions to getting unstuck.

Need to breakthrough old behaviors and patterns that aren't working and are holding you back but don't want to spend years in therapy; we have tools to help break them.

Finally, are you in a life transitions that is stressful and overwhelming; we can help you develop strategies to reduce stress and clarify what works for you.

My 40 years of educational and professional experience that combines business, counseling, and coaching with neurologically evidenced based methods such as EMDR: allows me to help quickly identify blocks to moving you forward to assist you to efficiently move through those blocks towards the chosen goal. My skills are incisive and effective.

If you're ready for some different results and are ready to succeed to your vision or goal of a fulfilling life, Virginia Lewis Creative Coaching has the tools to empower you to get there with ease.

Virginia Lewis, M.Ed
Phone: 413.253.4994 
Skype: vxlewis
Email: virginia@vxcoach.com

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